Nivea Stand



Check out the latest 2X2 and FSU stands we made for NIVEA. They are a beautiful powder coated laser cut metal sheet structure with adjustable shelves, high-resolution glossy printed lamination work. The entire look and feel is clean and fresh with stainless steel, chrome metal hooks, and chrome trolley protector. We especially love the illuminated shelves with LED strip lights that adds to the overall look.

Nivea FSU:

  • Powder coated Laser cut metal sheets
  • High resolution printing glossy lamination paste on laser cut Milky acrylic 4mm
  • Illuminated shelves with LED strips light
  • Chrome metal hooks


Nivea 2X2

  • Assembly of 4 Multisite Nivea
  • Colored vinyl paste on Forex flooring
  • Powder coated Laser cut metal sheets structure
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Painted wooden rounded header
  • High-resolution printing glossy lamination
  • Stainless steel Look and feel sides
  • Chrome metal hooks
  • Chrome Trolley protector